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Candice Mama is the author of “Forgiveness Redefined” who started her work in forgiveness, reconciliation and trauma after her story of forgiving apartheid assassin and her father’s murderer, Eugene De Kock, made international news. Having been inundated with requests to show people how to forgive she went on to become an award winning international speaker […]

Candice Mama is the author of “Forgiveness Redefined” who started her work in forgiveness, reconciliation and trauma after her story of forgiving apartheid assassin and her father’s murderer, Eugene De Kock, made international news.

Having been inundated with requests to show people how to forgive she went on to become an award winning international speaker who’s story has been heard by the Dalai Lama.


The human experience is filled with moments whereby we feel dejected, rejected or in pain and in many instances it’s due to no doing of our own

It is in those very moments that we need to make the choice to carry that pain forward for the rest of our lives or to free ourselves and in turn heal

Candice Mama has known severe pain and trauma throughout my life therefore I do not say it lightly when I say forgiveness is one of the most necessary life skills we can build in our lives

Candice Mama | Inspirational

Candice Mama life is dedicated to exploring and teaching forgiveness outside the realms of religion through speaking, coaching and upcoming projects such as:

“The Unforgivables” – a docuseries which delves into the exploration of forgiving what society has deemed unforgivable through others lived experience. Out March 2020 on your local streaming site (details to follow soon)

“Forgiveness Redefined” – my book which retells living through trauma and delving into what forgiveness truly means. Book out November 2019 in all leading book stores and Amazon

Her Story

Candice Mama was born in 1991 in South Africa a country that was gripped by the grossly violent and oppressive system of Apartheid and this is my story

In September 2014 , The National Prosecuting Authority reached out to my family to enquire about whether or not we would like to meet Eugene de Kock ( a former South African Police colonel, torturer, and assassin, active under the apartheid government. Nicknamed “ Prime Evil” and sentenced to 212 years in prison under 89 charges)

As many would imagine, it wasn’t a decision we came to without many dinner-table discussions and some trepidation from members of the family.

We agreed to schedule our meeting for the following Tuesday. In the days to come, a sense of self-reflection enveloped me.

Candice Mama father, Glenack Masilo Mama, was brutally killed in a vicious and unjust time in our country’s history. her memories of him were nothing but compilations of different people’s stories and pictures we collected over time.

However, the one thing I knew for sure about my father was that he had been tortured and then burnt to death by a man named Eugene de Kock.

Candice is making her mark in the humanitarian field all before the age of thirty

Having learnt how to not only overcome immense loss but emerge on the other side greater, Candice Mama knows how to cultivate inner strength, master the art of forgiveness and thrive through adversity

Author and Vogue’s most inspiring woman, Candice shares her powerful story of coming face to face with her father’s killer and what that taught her about personal power, the liberating power of forgiveness and how to achieve great things through challenging circumstance

Whether it is learning the art of forgiveness, self-leadership, diversity and inclusion or resilience. Candice’s keynotes are both engaging and masterful. She has been a speaker for top tier organisations and universities such as New York University, Columbia University,University of Washington, University of Wollongong, Chas Everitt, British Council, Nelson Mandela Foundation, The Peace and Beyond Conference to name a few. She has shared stages with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Homi Bhabha , Lord Alderdice and honored Bill Clinton

Candice’s talks range from redefining forgiveness, self-leadership, diversity inclusion, women’s empowerment and crafting inner resilience. Having been recognised as Vogue’s most inspiring woman and Top twenty African women by the United Nations she is a highly sought after international speaker.

I wish you all the freedom of forgiveness


Vogue Paris’s 1 of 33 most inspiring women in the world alongside: Nicole Kidman, Michelle Obama, Malala

Starring in acclaimed documentary, It’s A Pleasure to Meet You based on her and Siyah Mgoduka Showcased Louis Vuitton Foundation

In 2017 Candice was presented with the Human Beacon of Dignity Award in New York presented by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Evelin Lindner for her contribution in the field of forgiveness.

Sat on panel discussions and in conferences alongside (to name a few):

  • Bill Clinton
  • Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Homi Bhabha
  • Judge Albie Sachs 

Candice Mama IS ALSO:

An Emcee A Writer 

A Podcast Producer and Host (Weekly Mashup on Cliffcentral March 2015- March 2018) 

Artistic Director for AIME Mentoring Australia

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