Peter van Kets | #1 Inspiring Adventurer

  • Port Elizabeth, SA
  • USD 500 - 5,000

Peter van Kets is one of South Africa’s top adventurers and international keynote/inspirational speakers and a passionate conservationist. He has just returned from an unsupported race across Antarctica to the South Pole to commemorate Scott and Amundsens race 100 years ago. His story is one of survival, courage, perseverance, passion, loneliness, tenacity, amazing team work […]

Peter van Kets is one of South Africa’s top adventurers and international keynote/inspirational speakers and a passionate conservationist. He has just returned from an unsupported race across Antarctica to the South Pole to commemorate Scott and Amundsens race 100 years ago.

His story is one of survival, courage, perseverance, passion, loneliness, tenacity, amazing team work and the will to win.

In 2008 Peter made his name known in the world of extreme adventure by winning the unsupported Woodvale Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race together with friend Bill Godfrey. With this he was awarded the South African Premiers Award and the Eastern Cape Sports Star of the year (2008) Award.

In  2010 Peter spent  76 days alone in a 7 meter rowing boat crossing the Atlantic. His epic 5438 Km unsupported row across the Atlantic was a first for any African. With this he was awarded the S.A. OutThere Adventurer of the Year 2011.

Peter writes an inspirational column for the Leadership Magazines – Leadership in Sport. He also writes an inspirational column for the business magazine “Blue Chip”.

Peter van Kets | Inspiring Adventurer

He is married to Kim (also an extreme endurance athlete) and they have a daughter Hannah.

Peter has a great affinity with the planets oceans and seas having spent most of his life either in, on or near the sea. His two rows across the Atlantic and the experiences he has had have made him passionate about the conservation of our oceans.

Peter van Kets – Adventurer motto is DOT. Do-one-thing! He understands that on his own he can have little impact on the total conservation of our seas, but collectively , if we could each just do-one-thing we could have a dramatic effect and save our oceans.

Peter is a very popular guest speaker both on the South African and international speaking circuit.

His presentations are powerful and inspiring receiving rave reviews everywhere. In his latest talk, Peter Van Kets  relates his lessons learned / critical success factors to the business world by using real/true life examples of achieving success.

He is a passionate speaker and is totally devoted to inspiring people and changing their lives. He addresses the issues of (to name but a few) great vision, planning, team work, strategy, conflict management, working in a dynamic environment, self-discipline and perseverance.

Apart from his personal endeavors, Peter Van Kets is also a sought-after motivational speaker. He shares his experiences and life lessons, inspiring audiences with his stories of resilience, determination, and overcoming obstacles.

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Keynote Topics

Harnessing the passion for success

RESOLVE, takes a new look at how to foster passion, then harness that passion to create discipline and to construct a process, which will drive passion and discipline towards significant success.nnWe conduct both our professional (and personal) lives in a turbulent, dynamic, fiercely competitive and often harsh world.


And so, starting a business, meeting an insane sales target, turning a floundering venture around, these are all challenges that are infinitely comparable to trekking to a Pole or rowing an ocean.


The Business world is the new frontier, it is a place of extraordinary adventure, presenting an arena for uniquely challenging expeditions every day.


For the past decade of my life I have taken part in and led many expeditions to some of the most remote desolate and beautiful parts of the planet, and the lessons I have learned are astonishingly transferable to the world of business/sales/marketing/finance Vision, passion, grit, calculated risk taking, survival, collaboration, discipline, leadership, precise planning are as important in the boardroom as they are in the wilderness….although of course an error in the boardroom may not result in your death.


Of all of the attributes I have mentioned, resolve/vasbyt/Nyamezela is the one quality most likely to guarantee success. However, resolve isn’t created in a vacuum, it cannot and does not stand alone.


It grows out of PASSION.nnThis presentation, RESOLVE, takes a new look at how to foster passion, then harness that passion to create discipline and to construct a process which will drive passion and discipline towards significant success.


“If one is resolute about the journey ahead and passionate about achieving one’s vision, then with the right processes in place we can achieve that which has been considered to be impossible before.”


But it will take RESOLVE!

Every venture you embark on, both in a professional and personal capacity, will demand clear vision, dynamic strategy, precise planning and preparation, absolute honesty, integrity, discipline and fearlessness, but above all it will demand GRIT, perseverance!!


We currently conduct our ventures in a turbulent, dynamic , competitive and often harsh world. So how do we adapt and then thrive in this environment? How do we achieve and sustain true success and fulfill our purpose.


My presentation “GRIT” answers these fundamental questions with profound universal principles learned during some of my expeditions.


So if we put the right processes in place and we persevere we will absolutely be able to achieve those things we have considered ‘impossible’ before.

“Every venture in life is going to demand clear vision, dynamic strategy, precise planning and preparation, absolute honesty and integrity, uprightness of character and self discipline, but above all it will take perseverance, nyamazela, GRIT.


If we put the right processes in place, we persevere and never give up on our vision, we absolutely will not fail.”

This presentation is pure motivation and focuses on the 888km unsupported Scott-Amundsen Race to the South Pole with a few anecdotes from the rows across the Atlantic.


Target audience: PURE MOTIVATION! Leadership, sales, teams etc


  • Vision
  • Having a winning attitude
  • Collaboration
  • Surrounding yourself with the best possible team
  • Identifying partners who share your vision and passion
  • Knowing that with the right resources, there is a solution to every problem!
  • Setting clear and achievable goals
  • Being properly prepared
  • Execution – Not being paralysed by the fear of failure
  • Perfect delivery
  • Having a clear, but flexible strategy
  • Being decisive
  • Making the move from external discipline to self-discipline.
  • Persevering
  • Innovation – always look for areas to improve upon
  • Understand the benefit of helping others succeed
  • Focus on the small things and the big things fall into place

“Peter’s talk was definitely one of the very best I have heard – and I have heard many! His description of the expeditions he has undertaken are a fantastic example of the vision, planning, courage and discipline required to succeed in any venture.


The talk is filled with insights of leadership, teamwork, focus and the ability to endure almost unbelievable stress and hardship. He is an outstanding example of a truly authentic and humble hero.”


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